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Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth






Ultraman Series





Game Modes:

1p mode, 2p mode , story mode , battle mode

Released Date:

October 27 2005


All Ages (Accordance to Japan's CERO)

Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth (移動前再生数FER) is a video game created by

for Ultraman franchise. It's the 4th instalation of the Ultraman Fighting Evolution series. It's released on October 27 2005.


Alien Mephilas launching a massive invasion using EX monsters (more powerful versions of the originals) and sending three 'Chaosroids' (dark versions of Ultraman, Ultraseven, and Ultraman Taro) to the Land of Light. Eventually, Mephiles fuses with his final monster, Neo Chaos Darkness. With the combined effort between Cosmos and the other Ultras, they managed to defeat him and stop his invasion.

Game Modes[]

Ultra Mode[]

In this mode, you will able to follow the story of the game. The last boss will be Chaos Darkness and you will use Ultraman Cosmos

Battle Mode[]

In this mode, you can select your favorite Ultra and fight against 5 Characters

VS Mode[]

In this mode, you can select your favorite Ultra and fight against CPU or challenge your friend.

Practice Mode[]

In this mode, you can select your favorite Ultra and learn the combos

Tutorial Mode[]

In this mode, you will use Ultraman and your opponent is Gomora. You will learn the basic moves

Destruction Mode[]

In this mode, you will use Gomora and destroy all buildings. After Ultraman has come, you must defeat Ultraman.

Option Mode[]

You can change the settings on the game.

Playable Characters[]

  • Ultraman
  • Ultraseven
  • Ultraman Taro
  • Ultraman Tiga (Multi Type, Sky Type, Power Type)
  • Ultraman Gaia (V2, Supreme Mode)
  • Ultraman Agul (V2)
  • Ultraman Cosmos (Luna Mode, Corona Mode (new), Eclipse Mode)
  • Bullton
  • Redking
  • EX Redking
  • Gomora
  • EX Gomora
  • Eleking
  • EX Eleking
  • Tyrant
  • EX Tyrant
  • EX Tyrant 2
  • Waroga
  • Chaos Waroga
  • Kyrieloid
  • Chaos Kyrieloid
  • Geronimon
  • Alien Mephilas
  • Alien Baltan
  • Neo Chaos Darkness
  • Chaosroid S
  • Chaosroid U
  • Chaosroid T

Non Playable Characters[]

  • Neo Chaos Darnkess 2: Appeared as final boss only
  • Frozen Geronimon: Appeared as Ultraman's final boss in Episode 9
  • Small Bullton Appeared as Ultraman Gaia's final boss in Episode 7
  • The SpaceShip Baltan:The Code Is Secret


  • City
  • Monster Island
  • Monster Island ( Volcano Eruption )
  • Hydroelectric Power Planet
  • City ( Night )
  • Cave
  • Volcano
  • Industrial Complex
  • Airport Land
  • Inside Bulton
  • Moon
  • Monster Graveyard
  • Hell
  • Ultra Tower
  • Ultra Land
  • Plasma Spark
  • Chaos City
  • Inside Neo Chaos Darkness (Ultra mode only)
  • Inside Bullton (Ultra mode only)


  • EX forms are introduced in this video game. They would later reappear in the Ultra Galaxy series, Bandai toyline, and the arcade games Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Coliseum and its sequel.
  • Being the most modern Ultraman at the time, Ultraman Cosmos replaces Ultraman Tiga as the main character in this entry of the FIghting Evolution series.
  • As opposed to the previous game Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3, the character roster has been greatly reduced from 40 to 28. This most likely done to include new elements and characters models for this game.
  • Kyrieloid 2 was renamed in the game. The rename is called "Chaos Kyrieloid". Because there's no different between his appearance in the game and the series.
  • Cheat

Bullton Complete Episode 1 + 10 mission points