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This item is exclusively produced for China's markets by their company's branch, licensed by SCLA (Shanghai Character License Administrative Co., Ltd).

The Ultra Action Figure Ultraman Tiga (Power & Sky Type) (Deluxe Edition) is a 2-pack action figure released in 2020, exclusively for China's markets.


  • Ultraman Tiga (x2)
    • Power Type
    • Sky Type
  • Deracium Beam Torrent effect
  • Runboldt Beam Shell effect
  • Diorama pla-cards
  • GUTS Wing 1
  • 2 display stands
    • logo tags


  • The figures feature 17 points of articulation.
  • The effect parts can attach onto their respective figures.
  • The figures can mount onto the included display stands.
    • Logo tags can mount onto either of the 3 edges on the stands.

Notes & Trivia[]

  • This toy is the first Ultra Action Figure release of Ultraman Tiga's additional forms.