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The Souchaku Henshin Kamen Rider Kuuga Mighty Form & Growing Form is an action figure released in 2000.


  • Yusuke Godai body
  • Display body
  • Mighty Form armor parts
  • Growing form armor parts
  • Display Stand
    • Backdrop


  • The base figure features 20 points of articulation.
    • Fingers feature 2+2 articulation on the index-to-pinky fingers.
  • The base bodies can be attached with either the Mighty or Growing form armors.
  • Kuuga (in either poseable or display-only figures) can mount onto the display stand.

Tips & Tricks[]

  • If one chooses, the display body can be painted.


  • Souchaku Henshin Kamen Rider Kuuga Mighty Form (Bandai Asia) - Bandai Hong Kong exclusive release of the figure with only the Yusuke Godai body and the Mighty Form armor parts.
  • Souchaku Henshin Kamen Rider Kuuga Mighty Form (2001 Reissue) - A Bandai Japan reissue of the figure similar to the Bandai HK release.

Notes & Trivia[]

  • The Growing Form armor is the only armor parts that are yet to have a reissue.