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This item is a Shokugan (candy toy), which comes with both a toy and a soda-flavored chewing gum.
However, take note that the figures listed on this page are blind-packed by default. However, if the boxes had...

1. The same packaging art on each wave, you have to take risk on whether you will be getting the same or different item.

2. Have different packaging arts printed on, this method makes it easier to identify your needed item without buying an extra box.

The SHODO-O (Outsider) Kamen Rider Ryuga is a candy toy released in 2019.


  • Kamen Rider Ryuga
    • Black Drag Visor
    • Glowing head
  • Hand parts
    • Fists
    • Open
    • Right hand + card
    • Right hand (for Drag Saber)


  • The figure features 18 points of articulation.
  • The head can be swapped with either default or glowing heads.
  • The hands are swappable.
  • Ryuga can accommodate with the Drag Saber included in Dragblacker (B-Side).

Notes & Trivia[]

  • This figure is notorious for having one common quality control regarding the paint operations on the glowing head.