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This item is an Adult Collectible, which is not intended for younger children ages 15-and-below.

The S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider G3-X is an articulated collectible released in 2010.


  • Kamen Rider G3-X
    • "GK-06 Unicorn" electromagnetic combat knife (Standby mode)
    • "Guard Acceler" electromagnetic stick (Standby mode)
    • "GM-01 Scorpion" magnum pistol
  • GX-05 Cerberus
    • GX Bullet
  • "Guard Acceler" electromagnetic stick ​​​​​​(Attack mode)
  • "GK-06 Unicorn" electromagnetic combat knife (Attack mode)
  • 1 pair of weapon-holding hands (Combat Knife, Stick)
  • 1 pair of weapon-holding hands (Pistol, Gatling Cannon)


  • The figure feature over 15+ points of articulation.
  • The hands are swappable.
  • GX-05 Cerberus can convert between Attache or Vulcan Mode.
    • The GX Bullet and the "GM-01 Scorpion" Magnum Pistol can combine with the GX-05 Cerebus' Vulcan Mode to form a GX Launcher.
  • The Magnum Pistol can be stored into/removed from the right thigh.
  • The GX-06 Unicorn and Guard Acceler can be removed from G3-X if one prefers to display him with the activated weapons.