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This item is exclusive to Tamashii Webshop, which can be ordered from their site.
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This item is an Adult Collectible, which is not intended for younger children ages 15-and-below.

The S.H.Figuarts Autovajin & Kamen Rider Faiz Set is a two-pack adult collectible released in 2014.


  • Kamen Rider Faiz
    • Belt piece (with Faiz Phone)
    • Belt piece (without Faiz Phone)
    • Faiz Phone
    • Faiz Phone (Gun Mode)
    • Faiz Phone (Gun Mode, with Faiz Pointer)
    • Faiz Pointer
    • Faiz Edge
    • Faiz Shot
    • Faiz Axel
    • Smart Brain briefcase
    • Right trigger hands
    • 1 pair of open hands
    • 1 pair of holding hands (Smart Brain briefcase)
  • Autovajin
    • Buster Wheel/Front Wheel
      • Handle
    • Head part for Bike Mode
    • 1 pair of open hands
    • 1 pair of holding hands
    • Support stands for Bike Mode


Shared with both figures[]

  • Both Faiz and Autovajin features 15+ points of articulation.
  • The hands are swappable.

Kamen Rider Faiz[]

  • The Faiz Phones, Faiz Edge, Faiz Shot, or the Smart Brain briefcase can be wielded by the figure. (Make sure you use the proper hand parts)
  • The Belt can be swapped between two different pieces.
  • The left forearm's Faiz Axel piece can be swapped with the one with the Mission Memory.


  • Autovajin can convert between Bike and Battle Modes.
    • The heads must be swapped first.
  • The Front Wheel can form the Buster Wheel by installing the grip part.
  • Autovajin's Bike Mode can stand up via support pieces.

Notes & Trivia[]

  • The Faiz figure features minor improvements such as the painted silver fingers.
  • This item is one of the few 20 Kamen Rider Kicks Ver. figures to be bootlegged.