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The Interactive Megazord is an interactive action figure released in 2017.


  • Megazord
  • Power Rangers figures
    • Red Ranger
    • Blue Ranger
    • Yellow Ranger
    • Black Ranger
    • Pink Ranger


  • The Megazord features...
    • 5 points of articulation consisting of the head, shoulders, and elbows.
    • Light-up and sound feature when the crystal on the chest is pressed.
      • Additional sounds will be played if the Megazord is lifted from the ground, as the buttons on the feet are not pressed.
    • Opening hatches on the chest, arms, and legs for the Rangers to pilot.
  • Each of the Ranger figures features 3 points of articulation on the individual arms and the single piece leg.
  • The right forearm's sword can slide out with a button.
  • The left forearm's non-firing cannon moves when the button is pressed repeatedly.
  • The wings can flip up and down with the rear switch.