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This item is a Shokugan (candy toy), which comes with both a toy and a soda-flavored chewing gum.
However, take note that the figures listed on this page are blind-packed by default. However, if the boxes had...

1. The same packaging art on each wave, you have to take risk on whether you will be getting the same or different item.

2. Have different packaging arts printed on, this method makes it easier to identify your needed item without buying an extra box.

The Love Live! Burankotto is a hang-up Shokugan toy released in 2015.

Includes (may vary in boxes)[]

NOTE: Each box may come with different variations on the figurine's hair and the display stand. (Opaque hair and Blue display stands are marked as A, while semi-translucent hair and Orange display stands are marked as B.)

  • Honoka Kosaka (A)
  • Honoka Kosaka (B)
  • Kotori Minami (A)
  • Kotori Minami (B)
  • Umi Sonoda (A)
  • Umi Sonoda (B)
  • Hanayo Koizumi (A)
  • Hanayo Koizumi (B)
  • Nozomi Tojo (A)
  • Nozomi Tojo (B)


  • Figurines can hang onto phones, zippers, and keys.
    • Figurines can also hang onto the included display stands.

Notes & Trivia[]

  • Fitting to the release date, the figurines are based on their attires from Snow Halation.

See Also[]

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