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Locksies are a fashion doll and craft line which is a spin off of Harumika. Many children wished Harumika mannequin sets were dolls, so this line was created for that need. They were released sometime around 2014. Each doll had slots in her back to lock fabric around them, so you could create your own outfits. You loced the fabric in with a special branded stylus. It came with plain and pleated fabric as well as ribbons and belts but you could use your own fabric scraps from home. You were limited to sleeveless outfits and no pants could be made, similar to harumika toys.


  • Mikki - Fashion Designer
  • Elli - Interior Designer
  • Rikki - Hair and makeup designer
  • Kari - D.I.Y Expert



  • Mikki and Rikki are twins.
  • The logo's font, colors, and even spelling, as well as the webpage theme is similar looking to LaLaLoopsy.