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The Light and Sound White Summoning Axe Dest Visor (白召斧デストバイザー) is a role-play item released in 2002.


  • Dest Visor
  • Advent Cards
    • Advent (Destwilder)
    • Freeze Vent
    • Return Vent
    • Strike Vent
    • Final Vent


  • Dest Visor's eyes can light up by pulling the trigger on the hilt.
    • Dest Visor's "head" can be opened to reveal the cavity for the cards.
  • Any of the Advent cards can be installed onto the Dest Visor, although it only plays the "Advent!" Voice clip.
  • The cards can also be stored onto Tiger's Advent Deck included in the Toys"R"Us Japan exclusive Transformation Belt V-Buckle (13 Riders Set).

Notes & Trivia[]

  • Like most of the Ryuki role-play items, this toy cannot read cards.