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The Legend Rider Series Transformation Belt Blay Buckle is a role-play item released in 2011.


  • Blaybuckle
  • "Change Beetle" Rouze Card


  • Rouze Card can install onto the Blay Buckle.
  • The black-colored switch can push left (On) or right (off)
  • The handle can be pulled to activate the flipping panel. (The Sound effects must be activated first, and the card must be installed beforehand)
    • The belt's panel can convert back into its default form by pressing the grey-colored switch.

Tips & Tricks[]

  • The Extension Belt (for Legend Rider Series Transformation Belt) can be used to upgrade the belt section.

Notes & Trivia[]

  • As the product's name is written as "Transformation Belt Kamen Rider Blade", the Wikia prefers to call the product with the belt's original name.
  • The belt's transformation gimmicks are vastly different from the original DX toy:
    • Due to the permanently molded joint (which is used to flip the card/belt panel), The belt's transformation utilizes a simple panel-flipping gimmick.
    • The flipping panel locks in place after transformation, and it relies on a switch to unlock it and turns back onto its default state.
    • The gimmick does not emit "Turn Up" for the second time after flipping the panel back to its default state.
  • The "Turn Up!" voice sounds slightly high pitched.