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This item is an Adult Collectible, which is not intended for younger children ages 15-and-below.

The High Complete Model-Progressive (HCM-Pro) Destroy Gundam is a 1/200 scale collectible Action Figure released in 2007.


  • Destroy Gundam
    • Reattachable Backpack
      • 1 pair of Cannons
      • 1 pair of fins
    •  Detachable Arm Beam Cannon panels
  • Extra prepainted antenna
  • 1 pair of prepainted widespread hands
  • 4-piece Display Stand
  • Support piece
  • Anti-ship sword for HCM-Pro Force Impulse Gundam
  • Beam Saber hand for HCM-Pro Freedom Gundam (bonus item, initial release only)


  • Destroy Gundam can transform between MS or MA modes via minor parts swapping. 
  • Detachable Arm Beam Cannons can be optionally removed from the forearms to attach onto the display stand.
  • The antenna can be swapped with an extra piece in case of breakage.
  • Anti-Ship Sword accessory can mount onto the HCM-Pro Force Impulse Gundam.
  • Destroy Gundam's chest can attach with the Beam Saber hand. (must be attached with the HCM-Pro Freedom Gundam first.)

Notes & Trivia[]

  • This figure is the second Destroy Gundam toy to have normal proportions since the GFLEX Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny phase-4 toy.