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The Final Form Ride Series Kamen Rider Decade is an action figure released in 2009.


  • Kamen Rider Decade
  • Ride Bookers
    • Book Mode
    • Gun Mode
    • Sword Mode
  • Stand/adapter for FFR Kuuga Gouram
  • Final Attack Ride Card


  • The figure features 21 points of articulation
    • Fingers feature 2+2 articulation on the index-to-pinky fingers.
  • The figure can wield the Ride Bookers (Gun or Sword Modes) via the poseable fingers.
  • Decade can mount onto FFR Kuuga Gouram (or Agito Tornador) via the included stand.
  • Final Form Ride Card can insert onto the DX Decadriver.


NOTE: Both of the included cards mainly work on their releases of the DX Transformation Belt Decadriver, although they can be mostly used on the original Japanese release.

  • In 2011, Bandai Asia re-released the figure with a wider packaging but lacks the upper flap.
  • The Bandai Korea release of the figure features a slightly altered packaging, though the figure and accessories remained the same.