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d-x transformation belt hiden zero-one driver

วันที่ 31 สิงหาคม ปี 2019

The DX Transformation Belt Hiden Zero-One Driver is a role-play item released in 2019.


  • Hiden Zero-One Driver
  • Rising Hopper Progrise Key


  • The included Progrise Key can interact with the Hiden Zero-One Driver to activate its lights and sounds based on the on-screen transformation.
    • Other Progrisekeys (with an exception of the ones included in the A.I.M.S. Narikiri Set) are also compatible with the Cycloneriser.
  • The Progrise Key can be stored onto the holder included in Progrise Key Holder + Rushing Cheetah Progrise Key or Progrise Key Connector + Amazing Hercules Progrise Key. (Sold Separately)


  • Initial releases come with a limited edition Zero-One RideWatch.
  • DX Transformation Belt Hiden Zero-One Driver + Flying Falcon Progrise Key - Comes with an additional Flying Falcon Progrise Key.
  • DX Transformation Belt Hiden Zero-One Driver & Progrise Key Holder Set  - Comes with an additional Progrise Key Holder and Rushing Cheetah Progrise Key.
  •  DX Transformation Belt Hiden Zero-One Driver + A.I.M.S. ShotRiser Set - Comes with an additional DX ShotRiser + Shooting Wolf Progrise Key.