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This item is exclusive to Bandai Hobby Online Shop, which can be ordered from their site.
As for international customers, one can either purchase from Hobby Shops depending on the seller (take note that they can be a bit costly unlike the ones sold at the website), or directly from the online shop with shipping & handling.

The DX Cycloneriser is a role-play item released in 2020, as a Premium Bandai exclusive.


  • Cycloneriser
  • Rocking Hopper Zetsumerisekey


  • Zetsumerisekey can activate lights and sounds (plus Soreo Hiden's voice lines) by pressing its button.
  • Rocking Hopper Zetsumerisekey can insert onto the Cycloneriser.
    • Other Progrisekeys (with an exception of the ones included in the A.I.M.S. Narikiri Set) are also compatible with the Cycloneriser.
  • Cycloneriser's trigger can be pulled to activate Zetsumerisekey during transformation.. 
    • Pushing and pulling the trigger again will activate the "Rocking Spark!" finisher voice line.

Release Dates[]

  • April 20, 2020 (First release)
  • May 15, 2020 (Second batch)

Notes & Trivia[]

  • Soreo's voice lines are provided by Koji Yamamoto.
  • The toy is originally set for a March 2020 shipping before delaying to next month due to COVID-19.