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This item is exclusive to Bandai Hobby Online Shop, which can be ordered from their site.
As for international customers, one can either purchase from Hobby Shops depending on the seller (take note that they can be a bit costly unlike the ones sold at the website), or directly from the online shop with shipping & handling.

The DX A.I.M.S. Narikiri Set is a role-play item released in 2020, as a P-Bandai exclusive.

You can buy it here.


  • Shooting Wolf Progrise Key (Voice box)
  • Rushing Cheetah Progrise Key (with Ring)
  • Yua Yaiba's Hiden Risephone
  • A.I.M.S.-themed phone cover


  • The Progrise Keys does not open or is compatible with the DX Drivers on the same line.
  • Each of the two Progrise Keys comes with newly recorded voice lines by Ryutaro Okada (Isamu Fuwa) and Hiroe Igeta (Yua Yaiba).
    • The Risephone only comes with Yua Yaiba's voice lines.
  • The Rushing Cheetah Progrise Key features a ring that allows the wearer to spin the key without holding it like in the show.
  • The Phone cover can attach to the Hiden Risephone.

Notes & Trivia[]

  • "Narikiri (なりきり)" means Roleplay in Japanese.